About Us

As a family business we love the healthy, positive relationships we have with our customers, suppliers and staff. Restoration or repair of anything damaged, neglected or forgotten can be very relaxing and for some therapeutic. It gives a useful focus with tangible results; the physical healing of some article with its own story is very satisfying. This can be the basis of both renewed existing relationships and development of new ones.


Vision and Mission


Born out of a spectacular Land Rover crash, Emberton Imperial is a small family business in Rural Lincolnshire. We are passionate about the sourcing and remanufacture of the best quality authentic parts for vintage and classic Land Rovers, classic cars and vintage tractors. Our parts are known to look right, fit right and work!! Our personal collection of around 30 Land Rovers and reference library of manuals, documents and books demonstrates our commitment to originality. This information means we are able to offer comprehensive information regarding the useage and fitment of the parts we manufacture and supply. We consistently deliver the best possible customer service and are proud of our hard earned 99.9% positive feedback on eBay. We are thrilled to partner with both Smiths and Lucas classics and our parts are supplied to every UK Land Rover restoration company. Furthermore, we are Tier 1 suppliers to all the various reborn and classic manufacturer programmes in the UK. Not only this but we export daily to over 100 countries, both private and commercial customers. Our quest for authenticity is partially derived from an interest in model railways and model cars, the use of models from our own collection to illustrate vehicle parts fitment has become a hallmark of our business and has led to the supply a of wide range of rare quality die cast models in 1:24, 1:43 & 1:76 scales.


Our story: Occasional Land Rover Pilots...

The first connection with Land Rover was immediately post war when my Grandfather Leslie Emberton worked in the drawing office at Rover. Our story however begins in the mid 1980s when my father briefly ran a Series 3 Station Wagon, and contemplated a 110, but this never came to pass. Being a family of avid railway enthusiasts, my fathers business was for a time the largest manufacturer of whitemetal railway models in the UK. After my father passed away I kept up some of the old connections and was an early ebay user in finding new homes for the remainder of his stock. This searching out of unusual models was great fun and I have continued to do so until now. As a result of a change of home circumstances I took on 'Yellow Peril', a 1982 Series 3 short wheel base Land Rover. With input from both my sons it was extensively refurbished, a process which became a family project and made number of new friends. After a number of adventures it was converted to 200TDi power after becoming somewhat famous for its impact with an unfortunate Calibra, and a subsequently brief but exciting flight all captured on a security camera. The extensive damage required another far more comprehensive rebuild and sparked a passion for the marque. This time it was on a coil sprung galvanised chassis, galvanised bulkhead and with disc brakes all round. This rebuild also involved my now late Grandfather and was the swan song of his long engineering career. Yellow Peril is particularly special to me as it represents the final two years spent with the old gentleman. I had not been very close to my Grandfather and the Land Rover became, literally, the vehicle by which we connected.

As this project concluded I made the slightly unexpected investment in a very early Series 2 Land Rover and the subsequent restoration process highlighted a difficulty in locating some very important parts, though some of these could be found in other markets, which presented an opportunity for sourcing parts.

In 2014 I left nursing and looked for an alternative career, as a full time dad I needed some flexibility and looked to the hiring out of Land Rover Dormobile campers as a business. We began to collect the old Dormobiles and tracking down the parts formed the genesis of the business.