Your Builds! Update - Alejandro's Series 1

Customer Builds Update - Part 1
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Customer Builds Update - Part 3
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We supplied over 60 different products to facilitate this build, here are some of the key parts featured:


Land Rover Series 1 86 88 107 109 Bulkhead Vent Adjuster Lever Assembly 303754

Series 1 Bulkhead Vent Adjuster Lever Assembly 303754


Land Rover Series 1 86 107 2 Sidelight/Headlight Ignition Switch Complete

Sidelight/Headlight Ignition Switch

Selector Knobs

Ring Pull Gear selector knob 217735Land Rover Rare Military Yellow Gear 4 Wheel Drive Selector Knob Series 1 2 2a 3Red Gear Stick High Low Selector Knob

Correct Pattern Headlight Rims in Stainless Steel 262051

Headlamp/Headlight Ring Trims in Stainless Steel

 'Pork Pie' 274304 L518 Tail Lights

Brake Tail Light 'Pork Pie' 274304 Lucas L518 Type

Windscreen Wiper Motor Unit 231553

Windscreen Wiper Motor Unit 231553

Plus information plates, decals, exterior lights, dash lights & instrument bezels, fixings and much, much more!

If you have an old Land Rover that could do with some love and attention, we have many rare and hard to find parts, plus of course, many essentials necessary for any build.

To see the full range of Series 1 parts click here

We also have many similar or equivalent parts for Land Rover Series 2 & 2a, Series 3 and Lightweight

 The first edition of "Your Builds" can be seen here

If you are satisfied with the service received from us and would be happy to feature in a future post we always love seeing your projects, please send your pictures and stories to

As a thanks for being here, 10% off ten items or more is still available from now until the end of June with code spring10 to help kickstart your project!
(One use per customer.)
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