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New products keep coming in like waves here at Emberton Imperial!
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Adding to the window seals from a couple of weeks back we have three new similar additions.
Land Rover Series 2, 2a and 3 Sliding window seal filler strips,
Alpine Roof Seals (Series 2 ,2a, 3 & Defender up to 1990)
& Series 3 Rear Quarter window Seals
Land Rover Series 2 2a 3 Door Top Sliding Window Seal Filler Strip 330660 330661  Land Rover Series 2a 3 Defender Alpine Roof Window Seal & Filler Strip 302177 302178  Land Rover Series 3 Rear Quarter Window Seal & Filler Strip 306287 306289
Land Rover Series 2 2a Front Door Top Window Channel Set & Stainless Screws
Also new in, Series 2a Front Door Top window channels complete with stainless fixings.
Warmer weather is coming, but it won't last forever! Get your windows sealed up this summer (in between the rain showers!).

Now available as a set with filament bulb 
for a more 'classic' look, 
(the LED versions are still available).
Fog & Reverse Filament Bulb Light Set OEM LEP

Talking of keeping a classic look, If you have Lucas ST51 rear lights these might be just what you need! These ST51 Stop tail & Indicator lenses can be used to convert your standard 'D Light' to combine them with a discreet indicator. These help do away with the need for additional lights, ruining the classic look of your classy rear end! 😉

Moving on to the engine bay of your classic, we now have Smiths wiring Loom Cable wrap stickers, I wouldn't have thought that there are many originals of these left, if any have survived, they are probably a getting a bit past their best by now! Freshen up your bay with these brand new replacements! 
Land Rover Body Colour Identification Paint Colour Code Decals

Continuing with decals and stickers, we have a growing collection of Land Rover / Range Rover Body Colour Identification Stickers. These are the first few we have to offer, there will be more to come! Please get in touch if what you need isn't listed yet. These are based on original decals, made to be as accurate as possible. As you can see there wasn't much uniformity with these stickers so any fragments of originals or pictures help us recreate them for you! 

Back in this week, exact reproductions of 
Land Rover 127 and Defender 130 bonnet decals to follow shortly!
Lastly, once again for all you classic tractor fans out there (we see you out there tinkering in the barn!) 6v Lucas type regulator boxes found on early Ferguson TE20 and TEA20 and likely many others!
That's all this week but keep your eyes pealed, more classic and vintage goodies are being added everyday here at Emberton Imperial!
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