Introducing our new EmbertonPlus Range!

We stand by all our parts.

As a rule, if we don't trust the product, we don't sell it.

Our parts are designed and selected to look right, fit right and work.



Sometimes there is no choice, often original parts are hard to come by, tooling might be lost, tucked away in an unassuming barn, the owners not quite sure what it is for! Occasionally a part might not be an exact OEM copy but will get the job done, in some circumstances this is unavoidable.


But there are some parts available through various retailers that could be better, that’s where EmbertonPluscomes in.


There are times that we don't stock a part, not because we can't source it, but because it we don't feel right offering it to you. The fit might be a bit off, the reliability isn't to an acceptable standard or the part is just outright wrong!


The EmbertonPlus Range encompasses all the parts we make in-house, are made specifically for us, or that we have intentionally resourced, either because we aren’t happy with the parts commonly available, or because replacement parts were previously unavailable. This range features all the parts that we are truly proud to put our name to. This range will also feature parts from manufacturers and brands such as Lucas, Smiths and other retailers that offer the best replacement parts.


If you want the a top quality finish for your project or restoration, wherever you see EmbertonPlusrest assured that you are getting a product that we personally endorse and recommend!

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