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What's changed at Bits4Landys?


We are the same team producing and selling the same products!

Since the launch of we've wanted to bring our entire product range into one location. All of our Bits4Landys products are still available with lots more to help finish (or maintain) your beloved Land Rover!

(Ok, not quite nothing, prices displayed on the website now include VAT and standard shipping in the UK so the price you see is the price you pay!)

 Where do I find Bits4Landys products?

We are trying to make the transition as easy as possible. Lets get you started at

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Land Rover Series, Defender and Lightweight parts are here
(Don't worry, there's a lot more to see but all your favourite panels, tub floors, seat boxes, galvanised & stainless parts are still here, plus loads more!)

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We are making updates and improvements every day, if something isn't working, or you are having trouble finding the products you need, please get in touch we are always happy to help

At Bits4Landys we make and supply high quality replacement parts, accessories, body panels, chassis and repair panels for the restoration of Classic Land Rover Series 1, 2, 2a, S3 - 80” 86” 88” 107” 109” and the Defender 90, 110 & 130

We strive for better than OEM quality replacement and upgrade parts, often including details which other suppliers miss! All of our products are made in the right here in the UK using the very best materials including high grade 5083 aluminium alloy, 316 A2 Stainless and hot dip galvanised steel

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