Useful Sites & Contacts

Over the years we have often found ourselves wondering where to look. Here's an ever-growing list of useful people and sites we've encountered along the way!

  • Charlieccu:

    • Us, of course! Signing up on eBay in 2002, we've reliably sourced, manufactured and sold parts and models to over 100 countries around the globe, so if ever an eBay visit was needed, our eBay store would be the first destination for any restoration!

  • Robert Owen Engineering:

    • As a small Doncaster-based company, these guy's are the best of the best when it comes to new Series Land Rover bulkheads!

  • The Welding Wood:

    • Known only on Facebook and Forums, The Welding Wood have some immaculate panel work on display; offering repairs and replacement, particularly of bulkheads, they would certainly be the top guys to go for.

  • Rovers North:

    • Based in Vermont, Rovers North are a portal to sourcing Land Rover parts in North America. Their instagram, @roversnorth, highlights a lot of the fun they get up to in their spare time!

  • Land Rover Centre Huddersfield:

    • LRC Huddersfield typically have some great reference photos, should you need any on your prospective build.

  • Williams Classics:

    • Alike to LRC Huddersfield, Williams Classics have some stunning builds available; there has been many a time in our own restorations where we've referred back to their images for some guidance.

  • CalVIN:

    • Simply plug in your VIN, chassis number, or serial number for your Land Rover and the CalVIN search will translate it into useful information!

  • MGAguru:

    • If ever you're searching for an old Lucas part reference, the chances are MGAguru's 1945-1960 Lucas parts catalogue files have what you're looking for!